Monday, May 23, 2011

Storms in Texas and Missouri While in a Camper

When we owned our home, we had an underground basement.  In that basement was a room that had no windows and was in the center of the basement, next to the ground.  Anytime there was severe weather, I would send the kids into that room for the night.  Sometimes they had to sleep in the big walk in closet and other times just in the bed and on the floor.  It had a TV, VCR, toys, books, blankets, emergency kit, and other necessities and non essentials. 

Now, living in a camper, we are in extreme danger during bad weather.  We all know the risk that people take staying in mobile homes during severe weather.  The news always says to get out of them and into a shelter. 

Campers are even worse. 

Yet, I want to stay on the road.  But, I do believe we need to change where we spend the spring.  We will not spend tornado season, March through June, in tornado country again.  I'd rather be there in the heat of July than blown away in the spring or fall.

I knew weather would be an issue while traveling, I never had a clue just how much it would rule our decisions.

I remember the second year of traveling.  We went to Montana and the Northwest.  As we drove to our winter campground in Arizona, the snow was hot on our tails, or should I say "cold on our tails!" 

We paid the extra for double insulation in our camper - I think that just means they put extra tissue paper in the walls.  Double pain windows would be great, this camper didn't have that option.  We decided to only get one air conditioner put in.  That was a mistake, we really need two air conditioners when it is super hot.  We use two electric heaters in the winter, along with our furnace, which keeps it plenty warm.

We have two carpets and a foam barrier in the back to help with insulation.
We made double layer curtains for some windows.

Silver bubble wrap insulation works great on the window during the winter.  It made a huge difference.

Now, we look at the calendar, weather patters, and the map and put all three together and decide where to go.  We know God will protect us where ever He wants us, we just need to go where He says...and learn from our past mistakes.

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