Wednesday, January 18, 2012 sure is cold!

We went from the beautiful Colorado aspen forests to the stunning Missouri fall colors.  But, all too quickly the leaves fell and now we sit here, in the cold, freezing our traveling rear ends off.

"Move!" You say.  I know, our home has wheels so why don't we just up and leave?  Head south, go to beaches or deserts.  That is what we have done the last three years.  Our first winter was spent in Florida, the next in Arizona, and last year in Texas.

We had planned to spend this winter in NM, AZ, and TX but things change all too quickly when you travel.  We typically don't make reservations.  Sometimes we get somewhere and love it so much we stay much longer than planned, but other times we leave ASAP because of terrible conditions at the campground.

We found one of the worst campgrounds in Kansas this fall.  We pulled in and had to jump from the door of the van to the steps of the camper because the spiny stickers were all over the ground.  The barbs on them were huge and quite painful.  They were long enough to stick through some of the kids sandals!

The kids had cabin fever but I could not let them outside because I knew they would get hurt a lot on these nasty little burrs.

The next morning we loaded up and left as quickly as possible and then checked all of our shoes, carpet, and beds for burrs.

Sometimes we stay at the best campgrounds.  My husband and I loved using the hot tub at the campground in Colorado.  After the young ones were in bed, my teens watching them, Shae and I would spend time together in the hot waters and relax and talk.  Our days were spent kayaking the Rio Grande and four wheeling in the mountains.  The scenery was amazing and our time as a family - priceless.

So, here we sit, unexpectedly, in Missouri.  It has been wonderful to see our loved ones and a few friends.  Hanna had her wisdom teeth out, Cody made knives, and we spent time with my mother.  But, now we are freezing and want to head south.  Thankfully, our camper is warm as can be.  The three electric heaters and our propane furnace keep it nice and warm.

Gas prices going up.  What to do?  Where to go?  Today the temperatures were wonderful and made us want to get south even more, to somewhere we can enjoy nice days all the time!

Still, we learn to enjoy everywhere we go.  Whether cold, hot, rainy, dry, high, or low, we try remember that happiness is a choice, not a place to go.

Shae taught Gabriel how to feather his hair like he did in the 80's.

Giving kids sugar while cooped up is not a good idea!

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