Thursday, February 2, 2012

Over the mountains and thru the woods to Missouri we go...

After spending many hours researching campgrounds and bible camps to do missions work at, I thought I had a pretty good plan. We'd leave the Mesa Verde, Colorado area and spend the winter wandering around New Mexico, western Texas, back to parts of Arizona then north again in the spring to explore Utah and then Hwy 50 going east thru Colorado again for the fall.

But, what was I thinking?  Why do I even waste my time making plans?

My dear hubby sat me down one morning, about a week before we were set to leave Colorado. He told me that  he felt we needed to go back to Missouri. There was a camp there that we loved and they would be needing new camp hosts next fall.  Shae wanted to look into taking it over. It is on about 1500 acres with two beautiful lodges, four large pools, outdoor activities, and a five bedroom log home.  The wages aren't great, but we thought Shae might be able to keep engineering some to bring in extra cash.

When I heard him say, "I think we need to go back to Missouri."  I almost tipped over.  What about my plans for the grand adventure around the south and then west again?  Zion, Bryce Canyon, off roading in Moab and Colorado.  Visiting family in Texas, Arizona, and again in Colorado. I was hoping that maybe, just maybe we could rent a condo on a beach in Texas for Christmas!

Missouri!  I love Missouri, but I had no desire to go back.  We had just been there in May and it was only November.  We hadn't been gone that long!

I controlled my tongue and facial expressions.  I love my husband dearly and decided I really needed to consider what he was saying.  Here was a great opportunity to honor him and his ideas.  Boy, I must admit, it wasn't as easy as I would have liked.  I knew I needed to be open to this not just in my facial expressions and lack of words - but also from my heart. 

If honor is not from the heart - it is not honor.

We discussed the idea thoroughly and I never really liked the thought of going back, but I love my hubby and trust his judgement.  The camp we were going to was wonderful,  a great place for everyone in the family, except not everyone in the family was looking forward to going back.  Only Shae and Cody wanted to go. 

It was growing for all of us.  Trust.  Peace.  Love.  Joy.  One thing I have learned on this trip and in life is that our happiness should not depend on where we are camped.  Our happiness comes from the Lord.  Our happiness does not revolve around our circumstances but instead around our inner peace and joy.

So, off we went. The four day trip back to Missouri was a tough one, but we made it.  The fall colors were gorgeous and we were welcomed by so many wonderful friends and family. 

We rode our ATVs and UTV in the Ozark Mountains and hiked the trails that wind through the hills.

Seeing my mom is always wonderful.  She lives in the Ozarks and looks forward to our coming back every year.  Usually we all put on weight from her wonderful cooking. 

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