Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Constant State of Pain

I can barely move.  In fact, I have felt this way for a couple of months. 
No, I don't have arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, or any other disorder...

I am just trying to get in shape!

I have six children.  I had my first two when I was 19 and 21 years old so the weight came off quite easy.  Then number three came along.  She weighed 10 lbs at birth and my rear end seemed to mirror her large size.  After months of work, I lost most of my weight -
I got pregnant with number four and gained the usual 40-45 lbs in the pregnancy - plus the 10 from the last pregnancy - I wish I didn't know how to add.
Once again, I worked hard and lost it all but the 10 lbs from the third child + 10 lbs from the fourth child which equals = 
20 lbs. + my normal weight.
Dear child number five came along and then number six, all with the same math equations.  Of course, it didn't help when the doctor put me on steroids at the end of my sixth pregnancy!

I looked like an inflated balloon!
(Notice the large round balloon under my dress!)
Sheris large rear covers over half of the view of a kayak!
(Notice the large portion of the kayak that cannot be seen because of my large hind end!)
One more shot to make sure you understand the extent of my weight gain.
(No, my back side is not also pregnant - even though it is as large as my belly!)
Now, these shots were taken at about 8 months pregnant, before I was put on steroids!  I know that I am joking about my size as a pregnant woman.  It doesn't bother me.  I felt beautiful and special as an amazing child grew inside of me.  But, now I am having to face the facts - either lose the weight or risk diabetes, heart disease, and a shorter life with my husband and children.  There are a lot of people who count on me and I don't want to let them down.  So, last year I began to make the extreme changes necessary to lose my weight and get in shape.
Hence, my constant state of pain, or maybe a better phrase might be soreness.  I will share some of my weight lose stories and recipes with you in my column - Womanhood under Sheri's World Section in the magazine.
Now, I have to get up and walk down the two stairs in my camper to get to the kitchen.  Ouch...my muscles do not want to move after my hard work out today.....

For more on Sheri's weight loss and how she is doing it go to their online magazine - to Healthy Living Getting the Weight Off  and visit her facebook page at The Lemonade Digest Healthy Living

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