Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Daddy is so Strong!

Another day in the National Forest. Each day brings new adventure and great memories. After breakfast, chores, and bible study, I took the kids for a walk. Gabriel flew by on his bike; riding on the road half the time and in the ditch the other half. Josie was pretending to be a mommy while pushing her stroller and Tytus rode his tricycle, pretending it was a dirt bike. He doesn't use the pedals but instead pushes himself along on the ground with his feet - kind of like the Flintstones.
Naomi walked by my side with her camera at the ready. My dear husband came along and cut down a tree that was hanging over the road. It was quite low to the ground and he was concerned it would poke a hole in the roof of someone's camper. Of course, the kids were impressed when daddy cut half way through the tree and then pushed it to the ground with his hands. I was a little impressed, too.
We spent the next five minutes cleaning up the branches and then continued our walk. It was a beautiful day and none of us wanted to head back. Yet, we had to. Josie and Tytus were tired and Shae had to get back to work.
It was an active day with many projects to be completed. With the convention coming up, the one I am speaking at, we have a lot to get done. I am excited to share with people about our life and travels. I only have one hour for each class and I am finding it difficult to condense everything I want to share.
Cody spent the afternoon doing voluteer work and Hanna was writing and helping with cooking. Monday is work day so we do a lot of baking for the week. She made a huge batch of rice and a pan of cornbread. Josie made the pinto beans, with help of course. Naomi helped with school for the younger ones. Shae and I did our exercise video - I still have 10 lbs to go.
Now, it is late and I am still working on the magazine. It is much easier to get things done when everyone is in bed. I just hope Shae can sleep through the noise of my typing!

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