Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Camping in the Woods Has Its Problems

It is days before the home school convention I will be speaking at and sure enough I got poison ivy on my chin.  Can you believe that?  We live in our camper - in the woods...but still...right before the convention?
The leaves have filled the forests.  The campground is in full bloom and pollen is covering everything.  The forest is filled with dogwoodsWith the nice temperatures the kids have enjoyed doing school and playing outside as much as possible.  But, about every fifth time they pass the ball, someone misses it and the ball flies into the woods.  Someone has to go get it, and I know there is a patch of poison ivy over the fence.  Or, maybe it was dear hubby when he hiked through the woods to get lighter wood for our campfire.  Regardless of where I got it from, I sure have it.  That is part of living in the woods.  Whether the danger be poison ivy, bears, mountain lions, weird neighbors, or snakes, we have to deal with it the best we can.
So, hopefully the witch hazel I am putting on my chin will help the poison ivy to go away.  If not, I will see you at the convention with a very bumpy, red chin!

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