Friday, June 8, 2012

We have moved!

We have moved to our new on-line magazine at

My husband named it -

The Lemonade Digest...squeezing every drop out of life!

We aren't making lemonade out of sour lemons.  We are blessed and know it and are thankful for every day we are given.  Instead, we are squeezing every drop out of the life God has given us.

Our old website, is slowly being moved over to the new on-line magazine as well as many of the posts you find on this blog and our other blogs and websites.

My oldest son is the Managing Editor of our on-line magazine.

He has written for ATV Magazine and is writing for Camping Life's blog.

Currently he is at Fire Academy to become a Wild Land Firefighter.

Please be sure to check us out at our new on-line address often as we will be adding info constantly!

Happy Trails! Precious Moments®

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