Thursday, May 2, 2013

Outdoor speakers on a camper help everyone in the neighborhood to enjoy the movie!

My son has been looking at campers lately.  The newer ones have many gadgets that I wish our camper had.  

Walking in all of those new rigs made ours seem 
out of date 
And ours is only a 2009!

How quickly things change.

The outdoor speakers were unique, although something that I don't need.  If I am outside I want to hear the outdoors, not music.

But, it sure explained a recent situation.  While an evening hike at Zion River Resort in Virgin, Utah, we came across an unexpected situation.

Virgin River at Zion River Resort in Virgin, Utah
Besides the sound of traffic, there was a camper with the TV playing as loud as can be!  We were so surprised that he was playing the movie so loud.  We had visited with this man many times and he did not seem like the type to crank up the radio or TV!

We made it around the corner and went inside our camper and shut the door and could still hear the voices from the other camper!

Well, last week my son said, "I bet he had outdoor speakers and didn't realize 
they were on!"

"Ah ha!  That is it!"

So, for those of you who have outdoor speakers, make sure they are off when watching TV!  

We laughed a long time about it.....

Tytus didn't catch any fish....there wasn't a hook on the end!

Campers are close so the noise can be heard by neighbors, like us.

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