Friday, May 9, 2014

Newest and Best Country Music Single

Here we are again, running the campground.

No dog on the porch,

My girl left me,

The truck broke down....

It sounds like a country song!  Is our life a country song?

  • It is true, we are camp hosts again.

  • We don't have a dog, so we can't have a dog on the porch.

  • My oldest daughter is moving  away for the summer, so the line that my girl left me is partially true.

  • My son's truck is having problems right before he is supposed to leave for his Park Ranger job in South Dakota.

Maybe we are more of a country song than I thought!

I never thought we would come back here.  But, whenever I say that or think it we usually end up doing it!

Never say or think Never.

We have a big campsite, lots of great people, lots of toilets to clean and other chores, the sound of off roaders late into the night, and lots of stars in the sky.

Not gonna be here long, gonna head back out on the road soon. 

 I think we'll take a new route and find some new great towns.....

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