Tuesday, June 3, 2014

On the Road Again - getting ready to head west on our full time travel adventure

I'm ready to go.
Let's GO!
We can't seem to find anywhere we want to live.
No house that will work.
No place that is perfect.

So we get ready to head out again. We have been in Missouri for over a year. It is hard to believe we stayed in one place for so long. I told my husband that we gave up our home to travel. I can live in a camper if we are traveling but if we are just going to stay in one place I would rather have a house.

He has searched for the last year and he hasn't found a thing. So, we will either buy a new camper or a new house.  We will see what happens!

For now we will leave Missouri. The kids can hardly wait for the new adventure.  Two weeks to get three states away. 

South Dakota

All this next year.....  I can hardly wait!

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