Sunday, August 24, 2014

Great Night in the Black Hills

The weather here is amazing.  Waking up to cool crisp air is refreshing after 15 months in Missouri. Don't get me wrong, I love Missouri, but I would take the dry cooler air of south west South Dakota any day over the heat and humidity of southern Missouri. Although, I would take the mild Missouri winters over the bitter cold of the north any day!

It was a last minute decision to head up here. With our two oldest on their own adventures, we decided we had spent enough time in Missouri and it was best for us to head north.

As much as I love the people at the Cobb Ridge Campground, Mark Twain National Forest Off Road Area in Chadwick, MO - I knew that for our family's sake, we needed to move on.

Volunteering for the Forest Service can be amazing and sometimes it can be very difficult.  After parts of three seasons as camphosts, I didn't know if I could do another summer.  Then when our supervisor left his position, I knew the summer would be horrible.

The year before our supervisor left and we could hardly get supplies, we bought some bleach for the bathrooms, our sewer wouldn't get dumped - it was a mess!  Yet, at the same time it was amazing because of a couple really nice Rangers and the people that come to that riding area.

Sometimes I find we stick out the hard things because of the people.  They are worth it.

Also, it builds character in us and our children.  We could get spoiled very fast if we only go to the best campgrounds and vacation all year.  I want my children to learn and remember 

that without the people - there is no America, 
just a chunk of land.

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